Filmmaker - Speaker - Writer - Educator


A multi-faceted filmmaker and entrepreneur in the arts, Gabriela Böhm uses the power of storytelling to raise awareness and illuminate social issues to impact our perceptions of the world. Her award-winning films have screened world-wide. 

Gabriela's family was forever changed by the events of The Holocaust, leaving a trail of ghosts in its residue. Her creative work is alive, pulsating, and fed by questions that reflect back to this dark source. Born to émigré refugee parents, Gabriela identifies with the “nomad Jew.”  In contemporary terms, she sees herself as “a citizen of the world.” 

A native of Argentina, Gabriela studied art and photography in Israel prior to receiving a BFA at NYU Tisch School of the Arts and a MFA at Maine Media College. Whether in the field of ideas, traveling the globe, or working on a project, she is at home with people of all cultures and languages. She is a US citizen and speaks Spanish, English, and Hebrew.

Gabriela is the founder of Böhm Productions, which produces creative, thought-provoking, character-driven films that explore our common humanity through inspiring stories - past and present. 


“Raquel: a marked woman” is a fascinating documentary and window on a shameful and largely unknown episode in Jewish history in the Americas. Böhm’s look at human trafficking is an engaging film, which is sadly as relevant today as the time depicted in the film.”
— Jordan Peimer, Executive Director, ArtPower, UC San Diego
“The tone of the conference was set by a beautiful and moving film and presentation. Gabriela Böhm’s film ‘The Longing’ encapsulated many of the issues and experiences of crypto-Jews... It highlighted the inner tensions and joys of this process and their experiences of both rejection and acceptance by other Jews. The film also highlighted the complexity and fluid nature of identity, themes that were the leit motif of the conference as a whole.”
— Seth Kunin, Conference Chair for the Society of Crypto Judaic Studies, Fall 2009
“The New York Jewish Film Festival audiences were deeply moved by Gabriela Böhm’s powerful and moving film, The Longing. Gabriela is an extraordinary filmmaker with a discerning eye and keen ear for strong visuals and riveting dialogue. The characters she introduces us to are inspiring, and the film brings their stories to light in a most sensitive way…The audience was thrilled to meet her and hear more…Many attendees…expressed their enthusiasm for the film and Q and A session.”
— Aviva Weintraub, Associate Curator, Director New York Jewish Film Festival, The Jewish Museum
“Gabriela Böhm is a passionate and ambitious filmmaker whose terrific and moving documentary The Longing is a beautiful movie which pleased audiences at the Santa Fe Film Festival and the Film Center during its theatrical run. Gabriela’s film has been touching audiences while entertaining and educating. Gabriela is an energetic filmmaker and woman who is a strong asset to our Festival.”
— Stephen Rubin, Program Director, Santa Fe Film Festival
“The Longing, … will move any viewer but it’s especially recommended for social action-oriented spiritual and community leaders looking for a shot of inspiration.”
— Michael Fox, The Jewish News Weekly