Gabriela Böhm speaks on issues of identity and empathy. Her workshops and talks focus on matters raised in her films and are applicable to Jewish studies, women's studies, human rights issues, immigration, and religious studies. Gabriela has provided content on these issues to Synaplex member synagogues for their educational evenings. She was keynote speaker at the Society for Crypto Judaic Studies Conference (2009). In 2011, Gabriela discussed the genealogy of her Holocaust survivor parents ("Böhm-Katz Genealogy") at the International Conference on Jewish Genealogy.

Most recently, Gabriela's presentations have also included information about her newest film, Raquel: a marked woman. She has screened The Longing: The Forgotten Jews of South America at more than 50 film festivals and special screenings, discussing the film and its issues in the US and abroad. Gabriela has also served as a juror for the San Diego Jewish Film Festival, International Documentary Awards, and Boyle Heights Latina Independent Film Extravaganza.


A Voice in the Darkness:
How the Story of a 20th Century Victim of Sex Trafficking Resonates Today (90 minutes)

  • The workshop begins with the screening of the film "Raquel: a marked woman," after which Gabriela leads the audience in a lively discussion about issues raised in the film, including 20th century sex trafficking and the climate in Argentina that made it possible, and how one person can impact society.

This workshop is applicable to those interested in: 

  • Jewish Studies 
  • Women's Studies
  • Human Rights Studies /Advocacy Groups 
  • Gender Studies  
  • Immigration Studies
  • Religious Studies

The Longing to Belong:
Exploring Jewish Identity and Empathy (120 minutes) 

After viewing the film, " The Longing: The Forgotten Jews of South America,"  Gabriela leads a discussion about complexities of Jewish identity in today's world. Experiential exercises will prompt participants to explore their personal, political, and spiritual perspectives of their own identity as Jews. 

“The Brentwood Country Club’s Mindbender program committee invited Gabriela Böhm to make a PowerPoint presentation about her work-in-progress, In Raquel’s Footsteps...Thank you for your presentation… Everyone is still talking about what a wonderful program it was. We haven’t had that many people sign up for a Mindbender event in several years. I think the topic was very enticing!”
— Pat Weiner, President, Mindbender committee
“The Genealogical LA chapter invited Gabriela Böhm to make a PowerPoint presentation about her work-in-progress, In Raquel’s Footsteps. I wanted to thank YOU for doing such a stand out job.... The audience really loved it and you brought in one of our largest turnouts, so either it is the subject matter, or you, or both, that intrigued people.”
— Pamela Weisberger, Head of the Genealogical LA chapter
“The New York Jewish Film Festival audiences were deeply moved by Gabriela Böhm’s powerful and moving film, The Longing. Gabriela is an extraordinary filmmaker with a discerning eye and keen ear for strong visuals and riveting dialogue. The characters she introduces us to are inspiring, and the film brings their stories to light in a most sensitive way…The audience was thrilled to meet her and hear more…Many attendees…expressed their enthusiasm for the film and Q and A session.”
— Aviva Weintraub, Associate Curator, Director, New York Jewish Film Festival, The Jewish Museum
“Gabriela’s talk was both informative and inspirational, and her passion for this topic was evident. She had a great rapport with the audience who clearly enjoyed the session.”
— Myles Simpson, Immediate Past President, Temple Etz Chaim
“Gabriela Böhm is a gifted and spirited speaker and filmmaker. She kept the Kansas City Jewish Film Festival audience on the edge of their seats during the Q & A session following her film’s showing. Gabriela brings to her presentation a wealth of knowledge and life experience that is an uncommon and fascinating…”
— Rabbi Jacques Cukierkorn
“Thank you again for sharing your wonderful film with Beth Shir Sholom, St. Anne’s Catholic Church and the community at-large. Not only is the subject matter important and engrossing, yours is also a beautifully made documentary. The passions and the tensions of the lives of the conversos are palpable and come off the screen and right into our hearts. At many moments there was not a dry eye in the house. The story…needed to be told.  The situation needs to be addressed. The bonus is that you have created a lyrical, dynamic and absorbing film that informs and inspires.”
— Rabbi Neil Comess-Daniels, Beth Shir Shalom